Upcoming Opening:  

                                     RBL GRL | Revolution Doesn’t Ask                                               Permission at The Thomas Center,                                             Gainesville Florida. Opens Feb 7th





Underwater Mural project A Parallel Place: Ode to Foucault was just completed at City Hall, City of Gainesville.  Check out this video


Current Exhibitions:

Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville, FL

Interview, Natalie Tyree, Number: Inc. No. 88 (December 2016) 

Julia Morrisroe is an artist and writer whose work has been exhibited internationally. Morrisroe’s abstract visual language examines the flood of images and information (relevant or not) to expose the impossibility of meaning in this oversaturated environment through installations, murals, prints and clusters of painting.


Morrisroe is an Associate Professor in painting and drawing at University of Florida and serves on the Conference Committee of the College Art Association and the Curatorial Board for 352Walls for the city of Gainesville, FL.

Morrisroe’s paintings, drawings, and installations have been exhibited in museums and art galleries worldwide in over 17 solo exhibitions and 90 group exhibitions. 



My paintings don’t hold secrets or grand revelations. They are not puzzles to be solved; they are open conversations with the history of painting and the oceans of imagery I engage (with) daily. In the studio I challenge myself to bring together the constant exchange of information, hold it still, and make that instant of stillness into a painting.

Julia Morrisroe

University of Florida
School of Art and Art History
P O Box 115801 
Gainesville, FL 32605



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